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Previous exhibitions at Jeffrey Moose Gallery

March-April 2018 Evy Olsen Halvorsen.
December 16th 2017 Relocation Celebration on Bainbridge Island.
September 2017 Grand Reopening on Bainbridge Island.
February 16th - May 7th, 2016 Lillian Pitt, "Ancient Tracks: Twenty-five years of Printmaking"
October 22nd through January 9th, 2016 30th Anniversary of Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu
June 11th through August 31st, 2015 Randena Walsh, Karin Lowrie, and Darin Clark
February 26th through June 6th, 2015 Neil Andersson, Dianne Rasmussen, and Karen Schroeder
October 16th through January 9th, 2015 Bob Lucas and Suzanne Haddon
May 15th through September 20th, 2014 Cheri O'Brien
February 12th through May 3rd, 2014 "Paintings About Trees" works by Benedetti Newton, Shelton, & Clark.
November 13th through February 1st “Surf and Turf – Art from Yuendemu and Cairns, Australia”
October 3rd to November 2nd; "On The Cusp"
July-September. 2013; Steve Schneider "Seattle Rocks!"
March-June. 2013; Stephen Rock and Michael King
Oct.-Nov. 2012; Barbara Benedetti Newton, Randena Walsh, Karen Schroeder and Neil Andersson.
June-Sep. 2012, 'Big Country: Australian Aboriginal Art Coast to Coast'
March 15th - May 26th, 2012 Geoffrey Pagen and Rick Stafford
October 14th through March 10th, 2012 "Town and Country: Australian Aboriginal art from Cairns and Yuendemu"
July 13th - October 1st, 2011 Chris Kent
May 5th through July 9th, 2011 Gerald Lonning, Anne Collett, and Dianne Rasmussen
March 4th through April 23rd. 2011 Australian Aboriginal art from the three most important indigenous artistic hotbeds
November 11th through January 29th. 2011 Zenadh Kes, Glen Mackie, Billy Missi, Justin Majid
September 13th to October 30th, 2010 Barbara Newton and Neil Andersson
June 11th - September 4th, 2010 Long Gao
March 3rd - May 30, 2010 Cheri O'Brien - "Landscapes and Portraits"
October 29th - February 27th, 2010 Australian Aboriginal paintings from Yuendemu and Papunya
July 16th - September 12th, 2009 Dianne Rasmussen and Karen Schroeder
May 20th-July 11th, 2009 Lillian Pitt: An exhibition of sculpture, prints and jewelry
February 10th - March 28st, 2009 Geoffrey Pagen's Wall-mounted ceramic panels
November 13th - January 31st, 2009 Gallery Artists Holiday exhibit.
September 24th - November 8th, 2008 Barbara Benedetti Newton and Neil Andersson
August 6th - September 20th, 2008 Heather Murphy
June 18th-Aug 2nd, 2008 Warlukurlangu Artists from Australia's Central Desert
April 9th through May 31st, 2008 Suzanne Haddon and Dianne Rasmussen
February 6th through March 29th, 2008 Anne Greenwell Collett
Nov. 6th - January 12th, 2008 Australian Aboriginal Prints
September 11th - October 21st, 2007 Barbara Benedetti Newton and Randena Walsh
July 10th - September 1st, 2007 Chholing Taha
May 3rd - June 4th, 2007 Bob Mitchell and Cheri O'Brien
March 14th - April 21st, 2007 Gerry Lonning and Jeffrey Moose
January 17th - March 3rd 2007 Neil Andersson, Karen Schroeder & Michele Soderstrom
Nov 15th 2006 - Jan. 6th 2007 Australian Aboriginal Artists from the Central Desert
Sept 5th - Oct 21st 2006 Barbara Benedetti Newton and Randena Walsh
July - August 2006 Bob Mitchell, Michele Rudenko, Alissa Hinton
June 2006 Ann Morris bronze sculpture, Gerry Lonning abstract paintings
April - May 2006 Alyssa Hinton & Hannah Alex-Glasser
Jan. March 2006 Koji Kubota & Rick Stafford
December. 2005 Long Gao
October. 2005 Aboriginal Artists from Yuendemu
August. 2005 Barbara Benedetti Newton and Randena Walsh
July. 2005 "Yilpinji, Love Magic and Ceremony"
May-June. 2005 Monte Shelton
April. 2005 Klaus Suss
February. 2005 Al Loving
November. 2004 "Dealer in the Dreamtime"
Sep.-Oct. 2004 Huichol Yarn painter Modesto Rivera Lemus & multi media artist Jalai Laiel
August 2004 Jan Erion and Cheri O'Brien
June/July 2004 Darlene Morgensen, Barbara Benedetti Newton, Robert Mitchell and Callahan McVay
May 2004 7th Semi-Annual Celebration of the Goddess
February 2004 Donald Cole / Warlukurlangu Artist's Cooperative
November 2003- January 2004 Holiday Art Mart 2003
September 2003 "Explorations: Manya Drobnack and Gloria Ruiz"
August 2003 Jan Erion & Cynthia Yachtman
June 2003 Darlene Morgensen, Barbara Benedetti Newton and Terry Moyemont
April 2003 "Gelam Nguzu Kazi-Dugong My Son"
February 2003 Warlukurlangu Artist's Cooperative
December 2002 "Holiday Art Mart 2002"
November 2002 Lillian Pitt and Ken MacKintosh
September - October2002 Jan Erion and Cheri O'Brien
August - September 2002 Catherine Gill and Darlene Morgensen
June - July 2002 Louise Britton and Jeff Mihalyo: New Works
April - May 2002 Sixth Annual Goddess Exhibition
Feb. - March 2002 Al Loving
Jan. - Feb. 2002 Warlukurlangu cooperative
Nov. - Dec. 2001 Jan Erion
October 2001 Joe Feddersen
September 2001 Darlene Morgensen
August 2001 Peggy Brunton, Phillipe Permain, Rick Stafford
June 2001 Long Gao
May 2001 Jeff Mihalyo, Louise Britton and Zanne Nelson
April 2001 Aboriginal fine-art prints
March 24th 2001 Amy Lind auction benefit
Feb. 2001 Donald Cole, Bob Lucas
Dec. 2000 Holiday Fiesta Exhibition
Nov. 2000 Lindsay Mpetyane Bird
Sep.- Oct. 2000 Jan Erion and Cheri O'Brien
July-Aug. 2000 Catherine Gill and Darlene Morgensen
April 2000 Long Gao
Feb. 2000 inside-outside, Kristin Cammermeyer
Jan. 2000 Holiday Fiesta!
Oct. 1999 Fourth Annual Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibition
Aug.-Sep. 1999 Jan Erion and Cheri O'Brien
July 1999 Lillian Pitt, Tom Rudd and Margo McCafferty
May. 1999 1999 Flower and Garden Extravaganza
April 1999 Bob Lucas and Suzanne Haddon
Feb. 1999 Mary Tudor and Matthew Landkammer
Jan. 1999 Holiday Exhibition
Nov. 1998 Larry Ahvakana
Sep. 1998 "Making Tracks" Australian Aboriginal Art
July 1998 Patricia Forrester, Claudia McKinstry, Kathy Mitcham
May/June 1998 Suzanne Haddon and Richard Hestekind
April 1998 Brian Stobel and Richard Hestekind
Feb. 1998 Goddesses III
Dec. 1997 1997 Holiday Exhibition
Oct. 1997 Australian Aboriginal Art
Sep. 1997 Fun With Father and Son
June 1997 Native Artists from the Columbia Plateau
May 1997 Dion Yannatos and Martha Dunham
April 1997 1997 Flower and Garden Extravaganza
March 1997 Goddesses II


        Previous exhibitions at Rainer Tower Mezzanine

February 13th through May 15th, 2015 Parvin - Acrylic on canvas paintings
June 26th, 2013 through September 28th Stephen Rock -Rainier Tower Mezzanine
March 1st through June 1st, 2013 Seattle's Rotary Boys & Girls Club
February 20th through April 28th, 2012 George Rodriguez
October 27th through January 7th. 2012 Steve Schneider
September February 2nd - April 30th, 2010 Steve Schneider
September 18th - October 16th, 2009 Stephen Rock
May 18th - August 29th, 2009 Neil Andersson
October, November, December, 2008 Warlukurlangu Artists from Australia's Central Desert
July, August and September, 2008 Carrie Goller
April, 2008 Stephen Rock
Sep 11thth - Oct 27th, 2007 Neil Andersson
July-September 2007 Jeff Mihalyo
April-June 2007 Jeffrey Moose
August-October, 2006 Keith Willits
June-July, 2006 Erin Neff
Feb. 2005 -May, 2005 Monte Shelton
Nov. 2004 -Jan, 2005 Inge Norgaard


        Previous exhibitions at The Roosevelt Hotel

November 13th - December 30th, 2008 Long Gao
June 16th - September 30th, 2008 Sam Hamrick
April - May 15th 2008. Gerald Lonning
November 15th - February 15th, 2008 Heather Murphy - An exhibit of Nature Journal studies
September 18 - November 13, 2007 Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Artist¹s cooperative
April, May and June 2007 Karen Schroeder
July, August September, 2006 Long Gao
April, May, June, 2006 Barbara Benedetti Newton, Darlene Morgensen and Neil Andersson
January- March, 2006 Jan Erion
Dec. 2005 -Jan, 2006 Australian Aboriginal artists, October 11th through December
Feb. 2005 -May, 2005 Cheri O'Brian at The Rosevelt Hotel


        Previous exhibitions at The Painted Table

Aug, 2002 Joan Wortis
June, 2002 Pete Saloutos
Feb, 2002 Heather Wallis Murphy
Oct, 2002 Justin Schaeffer
July, 2001 Darlene Morgensen
June, 2001 Catherine Gill
April, 2001 Sam Hamrick
Feb, 2002 Long Gao
Dec. 7th, 2000 Ellen Wixted
Sep. 11th, 2000 Davis Freeman
Aug 3rd - Sep. 4th 2000 David Buxton


        Previous exhibitions at The Alexis Hotel

February, 2001 Cheri O'Brien
Dec 7th - Jan, 2001 Sam Hamrick
Sep. 21 - Oct. 20, 2000 Australian Aboriginal art
August through November 2000 Bob Lucas, Lillian Pitt and Larry Ahvakana


        Previous exhibitions at around Seattle

July and August, 2014 Steve Schneider
April 30th, 2009; 5:30 to 6:30 Sunday in the Park with George


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