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Barbara Benedetti Newton and Randena Walsh
Aug 8th - Sept 24th, 2005
Reception Thursday, August 11th from 5 to 8 pm

Please refer questions to Jeffrey Moose, 206.467.6951 or

  Barbara Benedetti Newton and Randena Walsh show pastel landscapes at Jeffrey Moose Gallery, 1333 Fifth Ave, Rainier Square, Seattle, Aug 8th - Sept 24th. Reception 8/11, 5:30 to 8:00 PM. Jeffrey Moose Gallery, 1333 5th Ave, Seattle is pleased to announce the presentation of an exhibition of landscapes in pastel by Barbara Benedetti-Newton and Randena Walsh from August 9th through Spt 24th. A reception will be held for the artists on Thursday, Aug 11th from 5:30 to 8:00 PM. The public is invited to attend.
Barbara Benedetti Newton, originally trained as a commercial artist at Burnley School of Professional Art (now the Art Institute of Seattle), is one of a handful of accomplished and all-to-rare realists in the local art scene. Her mastery of the colored pencil has won her a full page of awards and garnered the attention of collectors for over a decade. Her approach to pastels is looser and not quite as detailed but full of atmosphere so strong you can almost smell the forest.
She is the author of a book on the subject of colored pencil and teaches classes at the Frye Art Museum, one of the West Coast's premier venues for representational art. A long time member of the Women Painters of Washington, Ms. Benedetti Newton has participated in numerous group shows, including a 1999 exhibit at the Frye Museum as well as scores of solo exhibitions.
Randena Walsh, a Washington Native, like Ms. Benedetti Newton, grew up on a beach near Bremerton and concentrates her efforts on the woodlands and waterways of the state. She is a member of the Northwest Pastel Society and of the Women Painters of Washington. She is currently featured in the Whatcom County Museum exhibition, "An Enduring Legacy:Woman Painters of Washington 1930-2005". Her pastels are refreshing and impressionistic, often rendered in broad rough strokes that dissolve into parts of gem-like naturalistic visions.

Barbara Benedetti Newton
"Down to Grace"
2005. Pastel on paper
24.5 x 19"
More works by Barbara Benedetti Newton

Randena Walsh
"Salt Marsh - April"
Pastel on paper
More works by Randena Walsh

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