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September 21st, 2000

   The exhibition of Australian Aboriginal art in the Alexis Hotel, 1007 First Ave, Seattle, has been extended through the 20th of October and the exhibition of prints by Inupiat artist Larry Ahvakana and Warm Springs/Yakima/Wasco artist Lillian Pitt is extended through the 14th of October.

Printmakers Stephen McFarlane and Beverly Taylor will show a group of figue-based monoprints and etchings in the Alexis Hotel's Art Walk, a venue dedicated to displaying fine art prints, from Oct. 15th through November.

Stephen MacFarlane is an artist, but most importantly, a printmaker. His primary medium is monotype, a process which captures the immediacy of painting and drawing, but also lends the permanence or "object-hood" of printmaking to the finished product. Ink is painted, manipulated, smeared or otherwise applied to the surface of a piece of plexiglass or a zinc or copper printing plate. Mr. MacFarlane has studied at the School of Visual Concepts and Pratt Fine Art Center as well as at the Contemporary Arts Center in North Adams, MA, where he has been granted Residencies.

Beverly Taylor, who works in etching and monoprint as well as oils and watercolors, will share the exhibition with Mr. MacFarlane. Ms. Taylor met Mr. MacFarlane in a figuartive monoprint class at Pratt Fine Art Center and exhibited with him at a Seattle Pacific University's Art Center Gallery earlier this year. Her printed work also features the human body in black and white and sepia tones. Ms. Taylor is an active member of the Women Painters of Washington and the Northwest Watercolor Society. She recently showed work at the Frye Museum, with the Watercolor Society's 60th Anniversary show and in exhibitions celebrating an exchange with artists from Ireland.

In the Hotel's Gallery Room and Lobby, Alexis favorite Jan Erion will show a new group of works in mixed media on canvas. The show will run from Oct. 20th through December. Many of the works on display will be based on recent painting, "Hong Kong Morning", a sort of travel diary featuring the inside of an Asian hotel room, complete with assorted momentos of the place and the voyage.

Ms. Erion has worked as a printmaking instructor at Pratt Art Center in Seattle and is a former member of the Executive Committee of the Contemporary Arts Council of the Seattle Art Museum. This year the artist was selected to create poster art for the Washigton State Wine Commission's Annual Auction of Northwest Wines. She also recently completed three enormous works for The Painted Table Restaurant. In 1997, she was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to do a work in support of a national AIDS awareness program, which now hangs in their corporate collection. She has exhibited extensively in Seattle and has been vigorously involved in many aspects of the local art scene.

For more information please call Jeffrey Moose, director of Jeffrey Moose Gallery and Curator for the Alexis Hotel, at 206-467-6951 or at


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