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March 1997

Goddesses II

A celebration of the Goddess concept and image through the eyes of three artists.

Suzanne Haddon presents a new series of Goddess paintings, watercolors on paper, which are derived from nightly sessions with a variety of female models. Her signature style is a combination of mature, well executed gestural line work and radiant color. Sometimes set in mythical or unlikely environments, these women are proud and intelligent in the glory of their nudity. The artist is not only a highly accomplished painter, but one of the most sought after graphic designers in Seattle with senior positions at Nordstroms and Hornall-Anderson under her belt.


Suzanne Haddon
Watercolor on Paper

Suzanne Haddon
Watercolor on Paper

Suzanne Haddon
Watercolor on Paper

Bob Lucas, a long time collaborator with Mr. Moose and co-founder of Bainbridge Island's Net Contents Gallery, is well known for his concrete garden sculptures with grace yards throughout Puget Sound and for an extraordinary history of mixed media sculpture in concrete, glass, steel and other materials. Mr. Lucas will feature some free standing Goddess sculptures composed of Re-bar and mixed media. The most unusual of these works is a goddess whose stomach acts as a screen for a conceptual video created by Mr. Lucas. Also on display will be fused glass paintings, a "Goddess Table" (the metaphorical support for the world we live in) and an unusual suite of photographic portraits of the artist in his relationship to the Goddess.


Bob Lucas
used Glass Painting

        Also exhibiting will be Peruvian born artist Nora Sidoine-Brown. Her offering to the concept includes a group of three large paintings, a suite of monotypes, and a life-size sculpture. Her lexicon is quiet and understated, her palette one of closely related earth tones, occasionally accented with black or white. The symbolism employed in these works is ancient, classical from a South American perspective. Goddess and earth images, along with other hieroglyphic characters, are derived from the rich culture of the Incas. Ms. Sidoine-Brown's list of exhibitions includes many entries from important galleries in Lima, Peru, Puerto Rico, New York and the Pacific Northwest.

Martha Dunham
Spalted Birch Carving
36" x 10" x 10"


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