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April 25th through June 9th

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Contemporary Chinese artist Long Gao, a recent immigrant to the Puget Sound area under the special INS catagory of "Cultural Treasure", will open a solo exhibition of his sculpture, paintings and prints at Jeffrey Moose Gallery on Friday, June 22nd with a reception from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. The show will be on display through July 28th.

Indeed, Mr. Gao is now OUR national treasure, with a book of his stone-carved prints, or Image Seal Cuttings, now in the collections of the US Library of Congress and the libraries of the Universities of Washington and North Carolina. His celebrated design for a traditional Chinese Garden in Seattle, his first and second place awards in recent Minority Art Competitions of the Seattle Urban League, hung at the Washington State Convention Center, his qualification by Jerome Silbergeld, UW professor of Contemporary Chinese Art, as " of the two or three most talented..." Chinese artists ever to visit the US and his duties as Artist in Residence at the recent "Inside-Out" exhibition of contemporary Chinese art held jointly at the UW's Henry Gallery and the Tacoma Art Museum, qualify Mr. Gao as an important Chinese-American artist.

Upon closer inspection, his multi-media reperatoire, including realistic, Literati and folk-style paintings in oil and Chinese Ink, his wood carvings and stone sculpture, his monumental steel sculpture in plazas of Chinese cities, his Image Seal Cuttings (small stone-cut linited edition prints with artist-inscribed text) and other hybrid creations suggest a talent of Genius proportions. Mr. Gao is acting as a Calligraphy instructor in the current SAM exhibition of ancient art from Sichuan Provence and has participated in recent showings of contemporary Chinese art at Western Washington University and Central Washington University.

The themes in Mr. Gao's widely-varied works are many. Some works speak to traditional Chinese folk themes, as in a recent soap-stone sculpture featuring a Chinese Mountain Goat, whereas others, like his Abstract-Expressionist-like Literati style Chinese ink paintings combine Buddhist and Christian ideas to express a reverence for nature as part of an ongoing spiritual quest. Other works, such as a group of new oils featuring female nudes in dream-like settings, combine ideas from folk, religion and even contemporary art history to generate a compelling hybrid form.

Long Gao
"On Wings of Song"
acrylic on canvas

Long Gao
image seal cutting
2 1/8" x2"

More examples by Long Gao


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