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April 1998

Brian Stobel and Richard Hestekind

Seattle painter Brian Strobel has a rare knack for blending formal and abstract element with combinations of oil, shellac and varnish on canvas and paper. Ironically, his efforts simultaneously suggest the post-apocalyptic wear and tear of Anselm Kiefer and the sublime, melancholy atmospheres of William Turner. They range in size from 22"x15" to 72"x48". References to classical architecture and landscape are combined with a love of materials and the properties inherent to them.

Brian Strobel
"Lost Memories" 1998
oil on canvas

Brian Strobel
oil on canvas


        Sculptor Richard Hestekind a former President of the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, works to similar effect: his works hint more than they state. His powerful yet poetic forms owe some debt to his background; Mr. Hestekind was raised in Japan, and attended Sophia University in Tokyo. The concept of evolving towards wholeness concerns the artist and is evident in many of his works, thus perfectly complementing the paintings of Mr. Strobel. He often brings together a combination of elements around his sculptures - water, rock forms and plant life - to create a space with emotional impact. Among his many achievements, Mr. Hestekind co-created, with sculptor Jim Ballard, the monolithic granite works at Meadowdale Playfields of Lynwood and Edmonds.

Richard Hestekind
"Icon VIII" 1997
magnesite marble with brucite

Richard Hestekind
"Icon XXIII"
Vancouver Island marbel


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