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May 1999

1999 Flower and Garden Extravaganza
David Harrison, Kathy Mitcham, Christina Imm and Terri Gerard

Four local artists, David Harrison, Kathy Mitcham, Christina Imm and Terri Gerard, who concentrate primarily on floral, garden and landscape imagery, in a variety of media, will be showing at Jeffrey Moose Gallery in Rainier Square from mid May through June 26th with a reception from 5:30 to 8:30 PM on Friday, May 14th.

David Harrison is the 1999 poster artist for this year's Nothwest Flower and Garden Show at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. He has a style that runs from crisply detailed and illustrational to expressionistic, abstracted and emotional. His sharp renderings of scenes from the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. appear in corporate collections throughout the U.S. and particularly the Northwest. His exhibition history in this area dates back twenty years with appearances in exhbitions at the Frye Museum and several local galleries ands arts festivals. Mr. Harrison has taken home many awards including a Northwest Watercolor Society "Gallery Assocaition Award" in 1990, First Prizes in the Central Washington Watercolor Show (1991) and the Edmonds Arts Festval (1988) and a Puget Sound Group of Painters Second Prize for work at the West Coast Paper Company's Puget Sound Country show in 1992.


David Harrison
"Alava Trees" 1995
watercolor on paper


        Kathy Johnson (formerly Kathy Mitcham) creates precious, precise works on a modest scale (11"x15" to 22"x19"). Her paintings depict garden scenes, potted plants and, most recently, freer big picture landscapes which are more concerned with mood than with literal details. She is also known for a series of images depicting traditional doorways of Canada and Europe Ms. Mitcham is a long standing member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and has works in many significant local and national collections including Prudential Insurance, Nordstrom, Daniel Smith, Inc. and Amoco Oil. In 1994 Kathy created the cover image for Daniel Smith's annual catalogue of artist's materials.

Kathy Johnson
"Whidbey Garden" 1996
watercolor on paper


        Christina Imm of Bainbridge Island is a scientific illustrator and member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. She is an artist whose craft is a mixture of empirical observation and poetic license. The works which she produces, often requiring months to produce a single image, have an austere quality as plants and animals are set against bare white backgrounds. Yet there is a pulsing surreal sense to them; they often appear even more present than the subjects would appear in nature. Ms. Imm, whose career includes studies at the University of California, Berkley, the University of Madrid and the University of Washington, has exhibited at several Northwest venues and recently had a technical work accepted for the 150 year retrospective of Scientific Illustration at the Smithsonian Insititute in Washington, D.C.

Christina Imm
"Orange Parrot Tulip" 1998
colored pencil on paper


        Terri Gerard is an American who has studied, worked and exhibited primarily in Sweden after earning her BS in Art Education from State University College in Buffalo, N.Y. Her realist approach to primarily floral subjects is quite modern. The blossoms of flowers consume the entire picture plane, often slightly cropped on the edges. The effect is not unlike that achieved by Georgia O'Keefe in her monumental "portraits" of flowers.

Terri Gerard
"Sunburst" 1998
egg oil tempura and oil on canvas
28" X 28"


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