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February - March 2000

Kristin Cammermeyer

Ms. Cammermeyer's paintings are extraordinary examples of a figurative and landscape tradition that suggest the dramatic, introspective work of both Wyeths, Andrew and his father N.C., as well as the superb modeling of Flemish artists from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Her technique and work ethic at Cornish was rewarded with a Magna Cum Laude designation upon her graduation. The artist's professional career has started with a bang; her exhibitions have been quite successful. In addition, she's proven herself to be a capable collaborator in several commissioned works for clients in the US and Europe.
Her newest series, alienation,, is based on scenes from the vanishing rural areas of Northern Virginia, where the artist grew up. Ms. Cammermeyer has documented places that have or will disappear as the result of tremendous growth in this part of the country. Some images feature openfields, farm houses and barns while others document the "Phony Colonial" track housing of today's suburban sprawl. The images lack sentimentality they are straight documentation of before and after, created solely for the record. They are cold, almost brutal revelations.

Accompanying this series is a group of older interior paintings which depict window and doorways, emphasizing the directional light in the otherwise empty spaces. The active "void" in these paintings is strikingly similar to the haunted, unoccupied feeling of the suburban homes of the alienation series.


Kristinv Cammermeyer
"Coving Cross Lane (Hunter Mills Estates, Virginia)"
oil on panel

Kristin Cammermeyer
"Shady Glenn Terrace (Ashburn Village, Virginia)"
oil on canvas


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