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August 2nd - September 14th 2002

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Jan Erion, Cheri O'Brien and Rick Stafford at Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Sept/Oct

   Jeffrey Moose Gallery is pleased to announce the return of the Dynamic Duo of expressionist painters Jan Erion and Cheri O'Brien, together with Bainbridge Island porcelain powerhouse Rick Stafford, in an exhibition to run September 18th through October 26th. A reception will celebrate the installation on Friday, September 20th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM.

Jan Erion
"Dance of the Flowers"
mixed media on canvas

More Examples by Jan Erion

Ms. Erion's art is based on everyday moments from her family life, including Birthday Parties and High School Graduations, with images of food-filled tables dining rooms and happy participants. Her works defy convention with a certain zest: interiors are flattened, transforming into patterns and humans take a back seat to food and furniture. They are quirky and punchy with powerful exaggerated colors, emotions bigger than life, a comfortable reminder of happy times. Many of the images include scraps of keepsake fabric from her family's past, old collagraph prints by the artist and other unusual collage elements from magazines and newspapers, matchbooks and wine labels. Several of her latest images feature beach scenes from the artist's Widbey Island home Ms. Erion has been exhibiting and participating in charity art events and on museum boards for more than 15 years.

Cheri O'Brien
"Dinner at Guiseppe's"
acrylic on canvas

More Examples by Cheri O'Brien

Rick Stafford is a Bainbridge Island ceramist whose work in porcelain has been compared with some of the best in the medium. Stafford, a student of the legendary Central Washington University ceramist and professor Richard Fairbanks, works in Japanese techniques such as Neriage, Nerikomi and Shigarake. Neriage, Stafford's primary medium, is a method by which the artist creates patterns and images in the surface of the work using different colors of clays instead of using glazes. Nerikomi is a wheel-thrown version of the Neriage technique. His recent "Pond Series" works, playful patterns featuring dragon flies and water lillies surrounding the perimiters of trays and platters, are popular at high-end ceramic dealers nation-wide. Mr. Stafford has exhibited in numerous prestigious juried ceramics exhibitions throughout the U.S. including The American Craft Council Shows in San Francisco and Philadelphia and the Fountain Hills exhibition in Arizona. Recently, his work was accepted into the prestigious Museum of American Craft in Manhattan.

Rick Stafford
Pond Series signature round platter
Neriage Porcelain
20" diameter, 4" deep


  Contemporary Chinese artist Long Gao, a recent immigrant to the Puget Sound area under the special INS catagory of "Cultural Treasure", will open a solo exhibition of his landscapes, in Chinese literati style and in acrylics, in the Lobby of One Union Square, whose address is 600 University St., but whose entrance is on 6th Ave, accross the street from the Washington Athletic Club. The show will run from October through December.

Long Gao
"Golden Song"
acrylic on canvas

Indeed, Mr. Gao is now OUR national treasure, with a book of his stone-carved prints, or Image Seal Cuttings, now in the collections of the US Library of Congress and the libraries of the Universities of Washington and North Carolina. His celebrated design for a traditional Chinese Garden in Seattle, his first and second place awards in recent Minority Art Competitions of the Seattle Urban League, hung at the Washington State Convention Center, and his qualification by Jerome Silbergeld, UW professor of Contemporary Chinese Art, as " of the two or three most talented..." Chinese artists ever to visit the US, qualify Mr. Gao as an important Chinese-American artist. Mr. Gao also had duties as Artist in Residence at the recent "Inside-Out" exhibition of contemporary Chinese art held jointly at the UW's Henry Gallery and the Tacoma Art Museum,

Upon closer inspection, his multi-media reperatoire, including realistic, Literati and folk-style paintings in oil and Chinese Ink, his wood carvings and stone sculpture, his monumental steel sculpture in plazas of Chinese cities, his Image Seal Cuttings (small stone-cut linited edition prints with artist-inscribed text) and other hybrid creations suggest a talent of enormous proportions. Mr. Gao acted as a Calligraphy instructor in the recent SAM exhibition of ancient art from Sichuan Provence and has participated in recent showings of contemporary Chinese art at Western Washington University and Central Washington University.

The themes in Mr. Gao's widely-varied works are many. Some works speak to traditional Chinese folk themes, whereas others, like his Abstract-Expressionist-like Literati style Chinese ink paintings combine Buddhist and Christian ideas to express a reverence for nature as part of an ongoing spiritual quest. Other works, such as a group of new oils featuring female nudes in dream-like settings, combine ideas from folk, religion and even contemporary art history to generate a compelling hybrid form.

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Moose Gallery, 206 467 6951 or via e-mail at: The gallery is open M-F 10-6 pm and 12-5 on Sat.

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