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October 1997

Australian Aboriginal Art
works by Eunice Napangardi and Maureen Nampajinpa Hudson

October 17th to December 6th
Opening reception Friday, October 24th 5:30 to 8:30 pm featuring live didgeridoo music

After a remarkable response to last year's "Introduction to Aboriginal Art," the Jeffrey Moose Gallery has planned a second helping, focusing the work of Eunice Napangardi and Maureen Nampajinpa Hudson. Aboriginal art is remarkable in that it blends magical stories about animals, plants and places with techniques commonly identified with modern abstraction. In reality, these images may represent the oldest visual tradition on the planet.


Eunis Napangardi
"Bush Banana Dreaming"
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 48"

Eunis Napangardi is recognized as one of the first women Aboriginal painters. Her brightly colored, electric and often symmetrical work concerns the "Dreaming," or creation story, of the Bush Banana, a rare desert fruit which appears after the spring rain.


Maureen Nampajinpa Hudson
"Possum Dreaming"

Maureen Nampajinpa Hudson did not begin painting until 1981, after the manager for the Aboriginal artists in Alice Springs saw her early work and encouraged her to make a career of art. Her dreamings originate from Walukalongu - her father's and grandfather's country - involving the Emu and Fire, and from her mother's side where she inherited the right to depict a Women's Ceremony dreaming.


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