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December 7th, 2000

   Landscape painter and printmaker Ellen Wixted will exhibit a selection of her work in the Painted Table Restaurant, 92 Madison St., Seattle, during the months of December and January. A reception for the artist will be held on First Thursday, December 7th from 5 to 6:30 PM.

Ms. Wixted, a Bainbridge Island resident and graduate of Middlebury College, has focused on scenes of the Island, its shores, its woods, and, oddly enough, on its developing neighborhoods. She also uses subject matter from other places in the big western woods and mountains. Though the work in this show features scenes which tend to reveal the bucolic side of the natural world, there are a couple of images which depict the gradual knawing away which is taking place in some of the last remaining wild places of this Seattle Bedroom community. The artist is focused, not so much on the tragedy or anger resulting from the building, but on the bizzare transformation that ocurs - as if a theatre set was being changed and frozen while in progress.

Work on display will be a combination of studies and finished works in oil as well as a stunning group of black and white monoprints, all of which were printed in the artist's studio. The mark making in these prints is unique. The evidence of the artist's hand is quite subtle; her gestures are so painterly, so natural that they are almost invisible.

For More Information, please call Jeffrey Moose, Director of Jeffrey Moose Gallery and Curator for the Alexis Hotel and Painted Table restaurant, at 206-467-6951.


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