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January 1999

Holiday Exhibition

Chinese master Gao Long is a talent with few peers. His reputation in China is legendary: he was the Vice Chairman of the Association of Artists under the Ministry of Radio Film and TV and Director of the Jui-San Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Research in the People's Republic of China. Mr. Gao received widespread international recognition for his book of "Image Seal Cuttings", an art form based on the most ancient of Chinese art forms, Seal Cutting. This is a medium which marries visual art and literature; the thoughts of an artist are portrayed in both imagery and poetry, carved in reverse into a stone and then printed. His "Seal Cuttings" are collected by the Beijing Library in China, the U.S. Library of Congress, the Seattle Public Library and many universities throughout the U.S.


Long, Gao
"Waking Up from a Nightmare" and
"When the Music Hits the Climax"
stone-inked stamp on paper


        Russ Ratcliff is a combination geologist/artist from Montana who has revived an art form that dates back to the 16th century: "Paintings" made with precisely cut pieces of rock with fit together to form an image. Images of deep space and planetary surfaces are rendered in material that has textures and patterns which match the subject matter to a degree that renders them something more than photorealistic.

Russ Ratcliff
"Galactic Serenity"
rock mosaic of lace agate, calcite-jasper breccia, basalt, diorite


        Also on display will be the elegant multi-colored Neriage porcelain vessels by Rick Stafford and the quirky, revealing fused glass paintings, sculptures and Goddess objects by Bob Lucas. Jeweler David Weinstock apprenticed with a Michigan family who won First Prize in the annual De Beers competition for fourteen consecutive years.

Rick Stafford
Nerikomi bowls and teapot
bowls 6" round x 3" high
teapot 7.75"x5"

Bob Lucas
"Flying Man"
enameled aluminum, rebar

Peggy Brunton
"Skagit Spring"
oil on canvas

Susie Bootja Bootja Napangarti
"Kurtal Dreaming"
acrylic on canvas


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