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February 1998

Goddesses III
featuring Suzanne Haddon, Bob Lucas, Vasily Fedorouk, Nora Sidoine-Brown and Rodney Carr-Smith

Jeffrey Moose Gallery is pleased to announce the third annual exhibition of art related to the theme of The Goddess, "Goddesses III". This exhibition will run from February 7th through March 21st. It coincides with the annual "Women of Wisdom" conference at the Seattle Unity Church Feb. 13-21st. On exhibition will be works by painters Suzanne Haddon and Nora Sidoine Brown, multimedia artist Rodney Michael Carr-Smith, sculptor and glass artist Bob Lucas and sculptor Vasily Fedorouk. A reception and celebration of The Mother will be held on Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 14th from 5 to 8PM at the gallery, 1333 5th Ave in Rainier Square on the second level.

Suzanne Haddon will present a new series of Goddess paintings, watercolors on paper, which are derived from nightly sessions with a variety of female models. Her signature style is a combination of mature, well executed gestural line work and radiant color. Sometimes set in mythical or unlikely environments, these women are proud and intelligent in the glory of their nudity. Ms. Haddon's recent trip to Hong Kong and to Mainland China is evidenced in the presence of Lotus flowers and symbols relating to Eastern Mysticism in some new works.

Suzanne Haddon
"Goddess of the Lotus Fountain" 1997
watercolor on paper


Bobo Lucas
"Broken Water" 1998
fused glass painting

Bob Lucas, a long time collaborator with Mr. Moose, is well known for his concrete fish tail and fish head garden sculptures gracing yards throughout Puget Sound. Other more content laden works have included small fused glass paintings featuring quirky psychological narratives, often concerned with the dynamics of the struggle between men and women and the supreme role of Women as The Creator. A number of the fused glass paintings will be exhibited. Mr. Lucas will also feature a new "Techno Goddess" sculpture, an update of last year's offering which included a video-filled tummy.


Vasily Fedorouk
"Sea Princess" 1998

Ukrainian born sculptor Vasily Fedorouk, whose works have been exhibited internationally and are featured publicly in several European countries and here in the Northwest, will also participate. His contributions will include one spectacular 3/4 life size Goddess in granite. This graceful, classical composition in one of the most difficult carving media, is a tour de force and should not be missed. Mr. Fedorouk lives in the Puget Sound area, participated as an artist in the Goodwill Games and has acted as an instructor for the Northwest Stone Sculptors and the International Sculptors' Symposium.


Nora Sidoine Brown
"Colorflow II"
mixed media on paper

Also exhibiting will be Peruvian-born artist Nora Sidoine Brown. The symbolism employed in her works is ancient, classical from a South American perspective. Goddess and earth images, along with other hieroglyph-like characters, are derived from the rich culture of the Incas. Ms. Sidoine-Brown's list of exhibitions includes many entries from important galleries in Lima, Peru, Puerto Rico, New York and the Pacific Northwest.


Rodney Michael Carr-Smith
"Earth Goddess" 1997
hand colored etching

Featured for the first time will be Kitsap County artist Rodney Michael Carr-Smith. Mr. Carr-Smith, who was born and raised in Britain, will exhibit a group of images ranging from intricate boxed assemblages of natural elements, which he calls "Healing Windows" to intaglio prints and small paintings. Elements in his work reflect Angle-European pagan concepts.


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