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February 1999

"Bees Wax and Dental Floss"
abstract paintings by Mary Tudor and Matthew Landkammer

long a fixture among the abstract artists of Seattle, paints with a combination of oil and was on both paper and canvas. Her works combine the serenity of the Colorfield painters of the 60's with a vigorous brush technique that is both impressionistic and calligraphic. The content in her work ranges from metaphors for concepts in physics to honest allusions to landscape and the natural world. Without exception, her colors are bold, emotional and have clever relationships which play throughout the surface. Like an old fashion abstract expressionist she exclaims: "Materials have a voice of their own. As an artist, you need to put very little spin on them. Just get out of the way and let them do their thing."


Mary Tudor
oil and wax on canvas


        Matthew Landkammer is a younger breed of abstract painter, his work is far more restrained and academically oriented than that of Ms. Tudor. His works are closer to those of the Ab-Ex precursors from the Bauhaus, specifically Joseph Albers. Using combinations of oils, alkyds, inks, beeswax and dental floss or thread on paper, wood and canvas, Landkammer creates etudes of two color relationships in either vertical or horizontal bars which are overlaid with grids composed of threads or dental floss. Most are quite small, 4 to 12 inches square, as well as some small rectangles. There is a restraint, an almost a-emotional quality in these compositions that may be deceptive. On closer inspection, they reveal an unassuming asymmetry that betrays a feeling of Zen mysticism.

Matthew Landkammer
ink, acrylic and beeswax on paper


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