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Jeff Mihalyo at Rainier Square
July 10 - September 30 2007

Jeff Mihalyo
"OK Hotel mural"
oil on canvas
3 feet x 20 feet

Jeffrey Moose Gallery will present an enormous mural by Jeff Mihalyo in the Mezzanine area of Rainier Tower, adjacent to the Security desk at 1301 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA for the months of July, August and September..

"The O.K. Hotel Mural", 36"x240", was created by Mr. Mihalyo, a realist/surrealist painter and graphic designer, in the mid 90's in order to commemorate one of Seattle's most influential night clubs of the Grunge era, closed after damage in the wake of the Nisaqually Earthquake. The mural was painted complete with recognizable characters from the history of the club, including the owners, Steve and Tia Freeborn (current proprietors of the Rendez Vous), their kids, bartenders, cooks, patrons and several performers.

Moving left to right, the scene begins with the club's construction leading to a central vortex, A La Warner Brothers, from which spews a torrent of instruments, money, booze and dozens of concert posters. The names are now the stuff of legends: Sage, Mud Honey, The Gits, Stephen Jesse Bernstein, Mother Love Bone, Gas Huffer, Beck, Tad, Hater, Pere Ubu, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Super Suckers and, of course, Nirvana. At the center of the vortex stands the ghost of the building gs former owner, who was said to have inhabited spaces in the former hotel and brothel. On the far right, an acoustic performance is underway, animated audience members taking it all in.

Mr Mihalyo is known as much for his commercial design efforts as for his fine art career. He has worked for dozens of high-end clients including Microsoft (he helped launch MSN...), Dreamworks, Millstone Coffee, Hornall Anderson, Real Networks, and Jim Henson Studios. His fine art has included years of shows at several area galleries, Bumbershoot exhibits, Pigs on Parade and trips to study the work of European masters.

For more information contact Jeffrey Moose at 206 467 6951 or email to:


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