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April 1999

Bob Lucas / Suzanne Haddon
sculptures | collages | paintings

Bob Lucas is known for his concrete and steel sculptures as well as clever, introspective fused glass paintings. His "yard art" and other works are seen all over Puget Sound and have been exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum, Watcom County Museum, the Olympia Art Museum, the Frye Art Museum and at the Boise Art Museum. Lucas recently concluded a three year participation in the Arts in Embassies program of the U.S. Department of State.

Suzzane Haddon has shown her vivid watercolors of fantastical animals and female nudes in the Seattle area for almost ten years. Her original fine art as well as her design work for companies like Hornall-Anderson, Nordstrom and Starbucks has earned her numerous awards and commissions. This year one of Suzanne's nudes made it onto a K2 snowboard!

Together, for the past four years, they have collaborated on an enthusiastically received series of "Goddess" exhibitions produced by Jeffrey Moose at his gallery and at other venues. This year marks a bit of a change in the title, but perhaps not so much in content.

This year's show is truly a display of work by two fine artists whose efforts both compliment and push each other. Not an effort to outdo one another, but a mutual encouragement to push the boundaries they each set for themselves. Ms. Haddon's travels last year took her to Asia. The work produced from this experience came out in Sumi Ink on paper with collaged elements of Buddhist prayer money and hand made Asian paper. This year, the experience was a European voyage which included visits to churches and ancient places throughout the continent. The collages have grown more complex, more multilayered; now, groups of female figures, rendered in Sumi ink, appear juxtaposed with scraps of newspaper and religious imagery. The incongruity of some of these relationships reflects elements of work by Mr. Lucas and other contemporary artists who relish the curiosity of incongruous juxtaposition. Above all, these images reflect a journey of introspection.

Mr. Lucas has re-entered the world of steel sculpture after a hiatus of some years. The work he has produced for this show is large: steel radio tower shapes, composed of re-bar, which measure six to eight feet high, topped with kinetic elements such as mobiles and what the artist describes as "whirligigs." Lucas describes these sculptures as "energy receiving devices" or "lightening rods." They sit atop specially constructed round steel tables. Lucas will also show a group of miniature versions of these works as well as a group of abstract "paintings," composed of torched re-bar and sketches for the towers. Could these structures reflect Mr. Lucas' long obsession with the female icon? Come and decide for yourself.


Suzzane Haddon
"Inner Peace" 1999
Sumi ink and collage on wood

Bob Lucas
Iris impression


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