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June 6th through July 27th 2002

Louise Britton and Jeff Mihalyo: New Works

On Friday, June 14th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM, surrealist painters Louise Britton and Jeff Mihalyo will celebrate the installation of a group of new work with a reception at Jeffrey Moose Gallery, 1333 5th Avenue, the second level of Rainier Square in downtown Seattle. The exhibition will open on Wednesday, June 5th and run through Saturday, July 27th.

Jeff Mihalyo
Oil on Wood
2" X 4.5"
More examples by Jeff Mihalyo

Mr. Mihalyo, the Master of the OK Hotel Mural, has been exhibiting in the Seattle area for over ten years while working as a designer and illustrator for numerous high-end clients including Microsoft, Dreamworks, Millstone Coffee, Hornall Anderson, Real Networks and Jim Hennson Studios. His soft-edged realism often comes with a humorous twist; churches, giant shoes and barns fly through the sky with a touch that lends an air of fun rather than the ominous incongruity often connected with works in the surreal genre. And while "Fun", the works are far more than illustrations for children's books. They carry an air of the narrative while existing as stand alone metaphors for conflicts in modern life: interpersonal relationships, man vs. nature, religion vs. natural selection, Pastoral America vs. the Electronic Age.

Louise Britton
16" x 20" oval
oil on canvas
More examples by Louise Britton

Louise Britton, a transplant from Atlanta, Georgia, paints in a style more hard-edged than that of Mr.. Mihalyo. Her style is reminiscent of Magritte; virtuoso underpainting and modeling are hallmarks. She creates tension by focusing on ironic scenes from everyday life, but is just as likely to delve into fantastical non-sequiturs. Her latest efforts include a chilling group of paintings set in the old Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. Like Mr. Mihalyo, Ms. Britton has also worked as an illustrator and commercial artist as well as an exhibiting fine artist. She holds an MFA from Georgia State University.

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  Jeffrey Moose Gallery and One Union Square present Second Generation New York Abstract artist, an African American, Alvin Loving , to open a show of monoprint collages in the lobby of One Union Square, on Sixth Avenue, between University and Union Streets, accross from the lobby of the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle. His works will be exhibited July through September.

Al Loving
"Home # 34"
Monoprint collage on plexiglass

Mr. Loving, who has worked with legendary black printmaker Bob Blackburn, taught a class on monoprinting at Pratt Fine Art Institute earlier this year and gave a lecture in Rainier Square in March. This event turned out to be standing room only!

Mr. Loving has a strong reputation as a "Color Constructionist" and a collage artist for his lyrical, assymetrical assemblies of acrylic-painted paper cut into fantastical shapes, often favoring spirals, and mounted on plexis glass layers. Some more famous white aritists, including Frank Stella, have "approprited" several of Mr. Lovings most noteworthy stylistic mannerisms....

Born in Detroit, with a MFA from the University of Michigan in '65, Loving shot to the attention of the art world when, four years after graduating, he had his first solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art (1969). Since then, he has exhibited in four additional Whitney exhibitions and shown at the Metropoolitain Museum of Art, The Detroit Art Institute, several international invitationals and scores of smaller museums, university and college shows. Three NEA grants, a Gugenheim Fellowship and a Joan Mitchell Award stand among his recognitions. He recently completed an enormous commission for New York City's MTA, a group of industrial strength stained glass windows throughout the 'East New York' subway stop at Broadway Junction in Brooklyn.

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Moose Gallery, 206 467 6951 or via e-mail The gallery is open M-F 10-6 pm and 12-5 on Sat.


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