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“Surf and Turf – Art from Yuendemu and Cairns, Australia”

November 13th through February 1st,
The reception for the exhibit will be held Thursday, December 5th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Jeffrey Moose Gallery proudly announces a holiday exhibit of Australian Aboriginal art from November 13th through February 1st, 2014. “Surf and Turf” will feature a combination of small paintings from the Central Desert community of Yuendemu and prints by Cairns based printmaker Glen Mackie. A reception for the exhibit will be held Thursday, December 5th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

The Warlukurlangu artsts cooperative of Yuendemu is nearly thirty years old. Located some 90 miles northwest of Alice Springs, this community was one of the very first to export the mystical dot paintings to Europe in the late 70’d and early 80’s. Now into their second, third and fourth generation of artists, they continue to innovate and experiment. “Surf and Turf”

will feature several of the youger talents, some siblings of famous, first generation painters. These young talents include Chantelle Napajinpa Robertson, Justinna Npaljarri Sims and Theo Nangala Hudson. Others, like Karen Napaljarri Barnes and Topsy Napurrurla are successful mid career painters without a direct blood line. All paint the stories of the Jukurrpa or “Dreaming”, the time of creation, when plant and animal ancestors made the world the way it is.

Far to the east, in Queensland’s Gold-Coast city of Cairns, a group of artists from the Torres Strait islands has been working with American ex-pat printmaker Theo Tremblay for over ten years. These artists celebrate the seafaring ways of their ancestors and the critters of the ocean: hammerhead sharks, frigate birds, crocodiles, crabs, turtles and fish. Their traditional carving and tattooing styles translate easily into printmaking. Artist Kei Kalak (AKA Glen Mackie) is a young talent who has an extraordinary connection to America: his great, great grandfather, “Yankee” Ned Mosby was a former confederate solider turned whaler who ended up in NW Australia after the civil war. Torres Strait artists work with regionally and family specific patterns and animal totems to tell their cultural history.

Please refer questions to Jeffrey Moose, 206.467.6951 or

“Kubar E – Skull”
Kei Kalak
vinyl cut print
35 ½”x23 ½”

“Kurrs – Hammerhead Shark”
Kei Kalak
vinyl cut print

“Lappi Lappi Jukurrpa – Lappi Lappi Dreaming”
Alice Nampijinpa Henwood Michaels
acrylic on canvas

“Nagapa Jukurrpa, Mikanji - Water Dreaming, Mikanji”
Lola Nampijinpa Brown
Acrylic on canvas


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